LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate
COST: $350

Spend a few hours learning how to TIG weld. This class is for beginner to intermediate-level welders. In this small group setting, we will cover TIG welding basics, troubleshoot your skills, and answer all of your welding questions. Use this workshop as an introduction to welding or a chance to step up your skills.

This TIG Welding Workshop includes:
 4-HOUR WELDING WORKSHOP covering: welder safety, the TIG/GTAW welding process, equipment parts breakdown, filler metal, and shielding gases, process setup, process settings, material prep
 All welding materials & equipment provided (metal, filler, gas, etc.)
• Thoroughly sanitized personal protection equipment (PPE) will be provided for your use – flame-resistant jacket, welding gloves, a welding helmet, and safety glasses. Still, please feel free to bring your own. 
 Water provided (feel free to bring your own if needed)


What should I wear? Please wear leather or canvas boots/shoes, and a pair of jeans that cover your entire leg and ankle. You might get dirty from metal dust, so don’t wear your favorite outfit. If you need glasses, please bring them. It is important that you can see under the welding helmet. If you use “cheater” glasses for up-close reading, please bring those! If you have long hair, please bring a hair tie. You might also want to bring a bandana to keep hair from getting caught in the welding helmet. 

**Please contact or call (309)256-6993 to purchase and schedule your lesson, as well as to discuss the process and materials on which you would like to focus.**


Additional questions? Email: