Welding Workshops


Brockett Built owner and fabricator , Marcus Brockett, offers welding workshops for beginner to experienced welders tailored to fit you needs.
Workshops typically include:
• 2-4 HOUR WORKSHOP (pricing will vary per workshop)
• All Welding materials & equipment provided (metal, filler, gas, tools, etc)
• Personal protection equipment (PPE) will be provided for your use: flame-resistant jacket, welding gloves, welding helmet, and safety glasses – all sanitized. Please feel free to bring your own, too!
• Water and light snacks provided (you may bring your own if needed)

Workshops cover:
• Welder Safety
• Welding Processes (TIG/GTAW & MIG/GMAW)
• Equipment Parts Breakdown
• Filler metal and Shielding gases
• Process Setup
• Process Settings
• Material Prep

**Please contact Brockettbuilt@gmail.com or call (309)256-6993 to purchase and schedule your lesson, as well as to discuss the process and materials on which you would like to focus.**